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VIVA LAS VEGIES supplies farm-fresh certified organic fruits and vegetables with the convenience of shopping in the comfort of your home and having your order delivered to your door. 


Organic produce is grown the same way fruit and vegetables have been grown for millennium. WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS.

The chemical cocktails that are constantly sprayed on so called conventional produce during the plants life cycle are predominately used to kill live organisms.

We are live organisms.

The continual use of these chemicals build up within the produce together with the soil they grow in.

The consumption of the these foods surely cannot be good. People are becoming sick with allergies, asthma is rife and obesity is an epidemic that will take the lives of our children long before their time.

Organics are good for the environment, the earth and most of all good for you and your family.

Mixed boxes, Fruit boxes and Vegetable boxes can be made up to suit your requirements. Items you don'e like or eat will not be added to your purchase. As a rule a $50 box is a good starter for a small family, you can always adjust after trying.

Please contact Viva Las Vegies to order on 56581266. 

Viva Las Vegies are renowned for premium, fresh produce and friendly reliable service.


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